KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box with Bench Seat - EspressoToy Box with Bench Seat

Choosing the right toy box with bench seat for your family takes a little bit of thought and planning.

Now you may think “It’s just a toy box”, but if it doesn’t hold all of your son’s toys, or is impractical for the space you plan to use it for, then you end up with a big mistake.

Where are you wanting to use the toy box with bench seating?

If you are planning to put the toy box in a family room or den, then you will want to choose one that fits nicely with the existing furniture and decor.

If, on the other hand, you are planning on putting it in a play room that is only used for your son’s toys and games, you can be a bit more flexible in the design of the toy box.

Why Get a Bench Style Toy Box?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, then you may not really need a bench style toy box.

The advantage of a bench type toy box vs. a regular toy box is that it doubles as a place to sit for your child or yourself, or a flat surface that your child can use for playing on.

The bench type toy box has a more traditional furniture look, and would fit in with the decor of most any room in the house, from a living room to the nursery, and in some cases, even a kitchen.

I have even seen people in smaller homes use the toy box inside the entry door, it not only is a place for the kids toys and games that are used regularly, but when you are coming in or going out – it works well as a seat to put on shoes or boots just before leaving the home.

If used in a child’s bedroom, the toys can be kept tidy and out of sight much more easily if you like a clean, clutter-free look in your child’s room.
And, using one of these more traditional styles of bench top toy box, as your child outgrows their toys, it can later be used for a great storage chest for bed linens and blankets.

What Should You Look for in A Bench Style Toy Box?

Toy Box with Bench Seat ChecklistWhen you decide that the toy box with bench style is the one that will work for your family, there are a few things that you want to make sure you look for in the one you are going to buy.

Here is a handy checklist to use that will help you make sure that the one you choose satisfies all of your family’s needs.

  • What are the exact dimensions of the toy box with bench designated for the toys?

This one is pretty much a no brainer.  You want to make sure that the bench toy box is going to fit in the space you have designated the toys,  as well as be sure that the toys you want to place in the bench toy box will fit.

  • What color should the bench toy box be?

Again, this one is more for ensuring that the toy box with a bench is going to coordinate with your existing decor without making you cringe every time you see it.

  • How much weight will the bench seat of the toy box hold?

When you choose a bench style toy box because it will provide additional seating space, consider whether it is just for your child or if there is going to be adults or bigger kids sitting on the lid.

If it is just for young children, then this is not as an important issue as if it were to be used as seating space for adults.  If your child is on the more rambunctious side, I would try to find one that can hold up to 150 – 200 lbs at a minimum.

  • What material is the bench style toy box made of?

Is it wood? Particle board? Masonite?  Generally, you want the construction of the bench toy box to be able to withstand any abuse your child and household can dish out.

If the construction of the toy box is less than desirable, you could end up with a safety hazard, and a mess, instead of that organizing chest for toys, and bench for sitting.

  • Does it have safety hinges and features?

This is something that if often overlooked when buying a toy box with a bench lid.  You will want to make sure that the lid is hinged with a safety feature that prevents little fingers from getting pinched, or the lid falling on your son’s head.

There are also several styles that leave a cutout under the lid on the front of the toy box for getting a grip on the lid without having a handle.

Don’t underestimate the safety factors in your toy box, and your child will have a safe place to keep their favorite toys.

KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box  with Bench interiorWhat are the Best Places for A Toy Box with a Bench Seat?

Now that you know what to look for in your bench style toy box, you want to make sure that it will be the best quality you can find.

The location in your home that you plan to use the bench toy box, will determine what style or look you want to have for the toy box, and how to best make use of not only the toy storage it will provide, but also the bench seat.

If you are placing the bench toy box in a family room, living room or other family space like the kitchen, then placing the toy box with bench seating in a location that might be needed for seating from time to time will be optimal.

This would work great under a window in the living room or den. The low profile of the bench toy box allows you to have a clear view of outside, without obstructing the walking space of the room.

An added bonus is if your child wants to sit and read, play or look at birds and squirrels in the yard, they have a perfect location with lots of natural lighting.

In a kitchen area, the best place for the bench toy box is going to depend on how large your kitchen is.  Some eat in style kitchens would benefit from this bench type toy box, providing a place for kids to sit and read or play while Mom or Dad is working in the kitchen.

Just make sure that it does not interfere with the work flow of your kitchen and that the bench doesn’t impede the traffic flow in the kitchen.

The most flexible room to place a toy box with a bench is your child’s bedroom, nursery or a playroom.  Any style bench toy box would fit depending on your kid’s decor, and the way you plan for the toy box to be used.

An idea to consider is finding pillows or a seat cover that will fit your toy box bench seat, making sitting for any length of time a bit more comfortable.  Cushions that are easily removed make it easier to gain access to the toys, and also if your child wants to read or play on the floor, it would make a handy floor cushion as well.