Sauder Pogo Toy Box Bookcase - whiteToy Box Bookshelf

Add Vertical Storage to Your Toy Box

A Toy Box Bookshelf is an awesome way to make the most of your space when choosing a toy box for your son’s room.

With open bins below toys can be easily stashed, and there is plenty of room above for books and prized possessions.

The designs vary, but the practicality of this type of toy storage solution can’t be beat.  Having a big bulky toy box can eat up a good portion of floor space without allowing for use of the space immediately above it.

The Toy Box Bookshelf makes use of that space for more storage and decorating opportunities.  For toddlers this is also a great way to keep books they love to read and look at the pictures within easy reach.

Furniture Style Toy Box Bookshelf

Lnd of Nod Toy Box Bookshelf Lt. Honey

This Land of Nod one is our favorite.  It really has a great look and the design is one that would fit in most any decor scheme.  It comes in the light honey color shown here, but is also available in white, and espresso.

The image shown here is two toy box bookshelf units side by side, so depending on how much space you have and how many toys and books your child needs to store, you could have an entire wall of these and it would look amazing.

This type of toy storage solution is the most versatile for any room in the house, and later as your child outgrows the toys it would still be perfect for school books, displaying collectibles and below would be a great catch all for sports equipment.

Standing at a nice height, everything would be within easy reach for bigger kids, and yet if there are items you wanted to keep out of reach of smaller boys, this mid height piece would enable you to do that too.

We’re looking for more furniture style toy boxes with bookshelves, because we love the idea so much.  We’re also planning to feature some great DIY toy box plans in the future, so you may want to check back from time to time for more styles as we find them.

Plastic Toy Box with Bookshelf Style

While we love those gorgeous furniture style toy box bookshelf styles above, we realize that not everyone wants or needs such a big piece of furniture in their son’s room.

Step2 Lift and Hide Toy Box BookshelfThere are other types of storage bookshelves to choose from, like the plastic kind for toddlers from Little Tikes and Step2.

These toy box bookshelf organizers are great for babies and toddler’s rooms because of their ability to take whatever abuse your son can dish out.

They are also an excellent choice for outdoor toy storage.  Being made of the same durable plastic they make outdoor play sets, these toy boxes can withstand being rained on, humidity and other natural hazards Mother Nature can toss at you.

In your child’s bedroom or the playroom, the plastic toy box bookshelf gives you a lightweight storage option, with little worry of it tipping over and seriously hurting your child.  The shelves are low enough so that your son can easily reach the toys and books he wants to play with.

The lid to the toy box bookshelf is secured at the top and has a unique slide feature that will keep the lid out of the way and securely in place so your child won’t have it falling on his head, hands and arms.  You lift it flat and it slides inside under the lower shelf horizontally.  A great feature at clean up time when you don’t want to have to keep lifting the lid.

For more plastic toy box selections see our Plastic Toy Box article.

Kids 3 Shelf 4 Bin Bookcase by AltraToy Bins on a Bookshelf – An Alternative to the Toy Box

If you prefer the look of the bookshelf to the toy box, you can also create a great storage unit out of the cubicle styled bookcases, or even standard bookcases and the fabric bins that will fit in them.

It’s a great look, and does the job of keeping toys and books organized beautifully. The bins can be chosen separately to match the colors of your son’s room, or you can find a bookshelf like the one pictured here that comes with the bins included.

These bins or baskets make it easier to keep the amount of toys your child brings out to play with minimized.

Toys with small parts can be kept together in one spot instead of having to dig through the huge toy box to find that little piece on the very bottom, which is the single most cause of the entire toy box dump.

We have a large toy box, and there are days – lots of days, that I wish I had opted for this style of toy storage unit.  The entire contents of the toy box is usually found in a heap every night at bedtime – because that one toy my kid was looking for was either at the bottom, or not in there in the first place.

No matter how many toys your child has, you have to admit having the additional toy box bookshelf space is a great way to make the most of your toy storage space.  Meeting more than just the bin storage needs, having shelves gives you room for books, plush toys and of course collectibles and gifts from family and friends.