Little Tike Sort n Store Plastic Toy Box

Plastic Toy Box Designs

The plastic toy box has become a family favorite for young children.  For several decades now, these lightweight, round cornered and durable styles continue to gain in popularity.

The reason? They last.  We bought one of the first plastic toy boxes by Little Tikes when my oldest child was about three years old.  It not only stood up to her play, but that of her younger brother.

That toy box was in our playroom for close to ten years, and then when my two outgrew it, we passed it on to some friends with little ones.  I know it was in their son’s room for at least another five years, and then I think it became storage for some outside toys on their patio near the pool.

The pricing on these plastic toy box styles is affordable for most families, which makes them more attractive to the household budget. Where else can you find durable toy storage solutions for your son that will last for decades?  Even the roughest little boy would find it near impossible to destroy some of these plastic toy chests.

Why Choose A Plastic Toy Box Over Wood Toy Boxes?

A Plastic Toy Box is great for some uses, and maybe not so great for others.  In a child’s bedroom, the plastic toy box can look right at home among their toys.  The ‘artwork’ from your child’s creative use of crayons and markers can generally be scrubbed off, and stickers or a spilled sippy cup can’t hurt it either.

If you had a wood toy box, the residue from a child’s imaginative or creativity could be brutal to the finish, but these tough plastic toy boxes can take just about anything your son can dish out.

The finish on a wooden toy box is beautiful, but there are so many ordinary, everyday things that kids do that can really make it lose its glow in just a few months time.  If your child is not one to experiment with stickers, crayons, or permanent markers then this may not be a concern for you – but if you have a son who is constantly into something he shouldn’t be, then the plastic may be the way to go.

Another great feature of the plastic toy box is that it is somewhat weather resistant.  Inside the house, it does protect against spills somewhat, but if the location of the toy box is in a place that might get wet, you can rest assured that the plastic box will not warp or swell like a wooden toy box would.

Great locations for plastic toy box units are in basements, you just never know when the washing machine is going to leave an inch or two of water on the floor.  Not only does it keep your child’s toys out of the mess, the plastic toy box won’t be ready for the trash heap either.

I wasn’t sure if it would be great for somewhat outdoor uses as well, so I contacted the manufacturers, and while the plastic can fade over time, the integrity of the plastic does not diminish.  They don’t recommend full time direct sunlight, because the colors will fade faster there.  Places like the garage, a carport, a covered porch and screen rooms would all work wonderfully with this style of toy box.  Humidity and temperature changes will have little to no effect on the plastic.

Pros and Cons of a Plastic Toy Box


A plastic toy box can withstand a lot of abuse.  Just about anything your little boy can dish out, the plastic toy boxes can take it and bounce back for more.  Everything from the artistic child who loves to draw on everything, to the minor household floods, and even a thunderstorm can’t hurt them.

They are large and hold a lot of toys, and some offer bookshelves on top or bins beneath for added toy storage organization.

The plastic toy boxes come in a variety of colors, from bold primary reds and blues, to white or tan.  If you need a splash of color and are leery of painted surfaces – the molded plastic offers a great colorful alternative.


If you like a more refined decorating theme in your child’s room, then the plastic may be too juvenile looking for your taste.  They work best for younger children, where safety is more of an issue.

Some have lids that do not attach to the toy box but just sit on top and can get separated from the storage portion during playtime.  While it is pretty large, and we doubt it would get lost very easily, kids have ways of doing the impossible.

One of my friends told me she was not a fan because the lid was too ‘bouncy’ – it flexed so much she didn’t feel it was strong enough and might collapse one day under the weight of her child.  While we don’t think that is a huge concern, unless your little superhero really likes his launch pads, it may be a concern for you too.  The plastic is quite strong, and I’ve had fifteen year olds sitting and bouncing on our old one and the lid never did collapse.

What it really comes down to is do you like the plastic toy box look or do you prefer the more traditional wooden style toy box with a hinged lid?  The plastic toy box has its best uses, as do the wooden styles.  But in the end, it is really a matter of taste and practicality for your families needs.