Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Decorative Toy Chest

Decorative Toy Box – When Looks Count

If you’re a parent that loves the look of a themed bedroom for your child, then the decorative toy box is most likely high on your wish list.

The look of a theme oriented, hand painted decorative toy box is just one of the many items to choose from to complete the look in your kid’s room.

The designs can be found in a wide variety, from jungle animals to firetrucks, pirate chests and sports themes.  Chances are no matter what theme you have chosen for your nursery or son’s bedroom there are decorative toy box selections out there for you.

Many of the decorative toy boxes also have coordinating furniture pieces you could choose to add to the look of the room as well, making pulling it all together easy and fun.  Need a step-stool? A bookshelf? There are even some toddler furniture sets that have matching pieces including a bed and night stand.

What Are The Benefits of A Decorative Toy Box?

When choosing decorative pieces for your nursery decor, your toddler’s room or even a pre-teen, a decorative toy box can actually help you in pulling theme ideas together.  A sports themed room of your son’s favorite team would have a great looking toy box that compliments the decor, and expresses his love for his sport of choice.

The toy box is just one of many items you can include in your decorating theme to pull ideas together, but still offer the functionality that you need for storing toys and games in your little boy’s bedroom.  It’s the blending of function, fun and design.  Does the room need that focal point in that corner?

Sometimes it is just so much cuter to see your son’s room all put together, and can instill a sense of independence from the rest of the household.  If your son has a distinct personality, you can help him feel at home in his own skin by enabling him to voice his independence from the traditional decor, or just show his wild side with a room that expresses his likes in every corner.

Guidecraft Pirate Toy Chest

A Decorative Theme That Grows

When choosing your decorative toy box for your son’s room, you may want to take into consider this factor.  Will the toy box grow with your son’s changing likes over the years?

A nursery theme is adorable, cute and looks great, but what will you do with those themed furniture pieces once they out grow the cute jungle theme?  Is baby elephants what your child will want in their room when they turn 6 or 7 years old?

It’s hard to say what our children will like and dislike as they grow, each has their own individual style and personality and they need a way to express that in their surroundings.  So unless you have a plan of more children that you can pass down the adorable decorative nursery toy box, choosing a design theme needs a little forward thinking.

I love the Guidecraft pirate chest look shown here, it could easily go in a nursery as a boy as old as 13 or 14 years old. By changing the wall decor and bedding from a juvenile print to something more nautical and age appropriate, this design would still fit.

The things to take into consideration is how long you expect to be able to use the decorative toy box and themed furniture pieces in your child’s room, and up to what age they would still be appropriate for your son.  If you don’t mind the redecorating process and actually enjoy stretching those creative design muscles, then this is irrelevant, but if you want a room that will last for many years, choose items that will be able to fit in with several age appropriate design choices.

Mickey Mouse Collapsible Decorative Toy Box Storage TrunkInexpensive Decorative Toy Box Choices

If you love the idea of a themed decorative toy box, but the cost of the hand-painted designs is just not within your decorating budget, you have options.

There are less rigid, collapsible decorative toy box designs mostly for juvenile decor themes. There are Disney characters and Superheroes like Spiderman or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

They are advertised as made of canvas, but there is a rigid cardboard like material under the canvas, so it does maintain its shape.  It is not meant to hold a lot of weight on the top, but for holding toys and giving a cute themed look to a young child’s room, this is definitely a viable option in decorative toy box selection.

What it all comes down to in choosing a decorative toy box is really about selecting a toy box that will help your child learn to put toys away and keep them off the floor, whether you choose a hand-painted wooden design, a themed chest or a simple collapsible canvas style is up to you and meeting the needs of your son’s toy storage requirements.

A Decorative Toy Box is more a statement of style and fun than anything else.  So have fun with it and know that no matter what look you choose, your little guy’s toys will be stowed away out of site. You’ll appreciate having a place to keep those little carpet landmines that explode that pain in your feet, and he will learn some basic organization and cleaning lessons when he uses it to keep his treasures in.