Guidecraft Pirate Toy ChestToy Box Designs

It’s time to buy a toy box. The endless Legos, plastic robots, and toy cars are covering your floor, providing you with more muttered grumbling as your bare foot finds them in the dark or worse, you can’t find your floor.

You have decided it is time to get your son a toy box or toy chest for the endless supply of plastic landmines on your kid’s bedroom, playroom or living room floor.

Choosing from the numerous toy box designs for your son might seem like an ordinary task, but, you will find that once you start checking out your options it is anything but ordinary.

When you start shopping, you’re going to discover the seemingly endless choices and the decisions you need to make in order to find the toy box that will fit in with your decor and your preferences for toy box designs.

What kind of Toy Box Design do you need?

Seriously? There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to toy box designs, you may be very surprised.  Shopping for a toy box can be just as difficult as selecting their bedroom furniture.

From the basic toy box, to a more classic chest style or maybe you need something more like a book-case with storage cubes or bins.

The volume of toys you need to store will help you decide if you need just a small toy box or if you need to go for a large toy chest.  Does your child have a lot of books and games that might be better suited to a toy storage unit that has shelves and allows you to put toys in fabric bins for easy organization?

Only you know what toys you have and what you will need to store these toys neatly and as organized as toys can be.  So take into consideration what you would like to look at, how your son’s behavior might be when it comes to clean up time and if you need a toy box designs with a closing lid or an open box or a bookshelf with bins.

Toy Box Designs – What One for Your Family?

Badger Basket Barrel Top Toy BoxThe Basic Toy Box

A basic toy box is pretty much just that – basic.  Nothing overly attention grabbing, but it gets the job done in holding all of your sons toys and treasures.

Usually they are about 30 to 35 inches wide, about 18 to 20 inches front to back and 15 to 20 inches deep.  It depends on the manufacturers and the material you choose for the basic toy box.

A basic toy box might have a lid with a special hinge designed to prevent pinched fingers, and to keep the lid open so as to not give your child a headache and you a heart attack.

Design choices for a basic toy box vary as well, colors, construction materials  and styles are many. There will be a lot of choices so matching the bedroom or playroom decor can be a bit easier to find.

Toy Boxes with a Seat or Bench Top

Kidcraft Limited Edition Toy Box

This style of toy box with a bench top seat has been the most popular over the years.

With its arched back, and seat options, parents have found it to be a practical way to make double duty of their toy storage needs.

Not only does it give your child a place to keep their toys picked up off the floor, but, it offers them a place to sit when putting on their shoes, reading a book or it could even be used as a time-out seat for a child that misbehaves.

There are numerous options in bench style toy boxes, from color to the arch design, some are on casters and others are designed on legs to be more stationary.

KidCraft is a popular children’s furniture and toy box manufacturer that offers toy box designs that even include storage drawers for small items like blocks or small action figures.  One of our favorites is this Hop Skip Jump design in the video below.

Take these options into consideration to ensure you have a toy box design that will fit in with your decor and toy storage needs.

Decorative Toy Box Designs

Fantasy Fields Sunny Safari Decorative Toy Box Designs

If you’re looking for a toy box design that is a bit more decorative, possibly to add to your child’s bedroom or nursery theme, there are a lot of decorative toy box designs to choose from too.

Many of the decorative toy box designs offer the same features of the basic or bench styled toy box designs, but add painted or printed themed artwork and other design elements to add some style or whimsy to an otherwise boring box in the corner of the room.

One thing to take into consideration with the decorative toy box designs is that many of them are not as heavy-duty as a basic toy box and may not hold as many toys or as much weight. This may or may not be a problem depending on your toy storage needs, and the way in which your child uses it.

Toy Box Designs with Bookshelf

Kids 3 Shelf 4 Bin Bookcase by Altra

We love the versatility of bookshelf toy box designs.

They offer a multi-purpose toy storage solution that gives you a place for toys, books and decorative accents or stuffed toys to be displayed as well as stored.

The bins or baskets in this style of toy storage are removable so your child can pull out a bin and play with their favorite toys, and when finished everything goes back in the bin and back on the shelf.  Easy clean up and helps teach your child the best way to keep toys organized.

One bin can hold blocks, another toy cars or action figures, and all the related toys are kept together.  This keeps you from having what I call a toy box explosion in their play area.

In our house it never fails that the toy they are looking for and just “have to have this minute” is buried at the bottom of the chest style toy box. …sigh.  This always means that the entire contents of the toy box is now a pile of toys on the floor, and it takes hours for the kids to manage to put them all back in the box.

There may still be minor toy bin explosions with this style of toy storage, but the bins hold a lot less toys than those big chest toy box designs and so the clean up is a bit less of a problem.

Plastic Toy Box Designs

Little Tikes Primary Colors Toy Chest

The plastic style of toy box designs is popular among parents of babies and toddlers, although it can be used for older kids as well.

The Little Tikes toy box shown here is currently the #1 best-seller on for that reason.  Not only is it durable, but the plastic is a little more forgiving when it comes to the trials of a toddler.

While being very sturdy, the plastic construction will ‘give’ under the weight of an unsteady baby’s fall much more easily than a wooden toy box.

The surface can be scrubbed as well, so a sneaky crayon or marker wielding child cannot permanently deface it with a creative artistic expression.

These toy box designs are generally a bit on the larger side, and can hold bigger toys, some have removable bins like this one specially designed to hold small toys underneath.

No matter what style toy box you decide is the best fit for your family’s needs, Toy Box For Boys will help you find the highest quality toy box for boys.  Browse through our pages, find the style you like and then read our in-depth reviews.  We strive to make the purchase of your son’s toy box as easy and budget friendly as possible.